We are a very small family business: Our mission is to teach dog owners with the help and results that they need and the understanding they deserve. We use the tools and energy level that works best for each dog. We are big advocates of the low level remote collar and prong collars. They are the most humane, effective tools to communicate clearly with our dogs and mainly they empower our loving humans.

Our story is not much different than yours. We owned two dogs with their own behavioral problems! All we gave was affection, free roam of the house, free rewards, zero rules and zero accountability. We created comfort before respect and that is where things went sideways. Our dogs were bratty, entitled, reactive on leash, did not listen to us when distractions were around, Indie bit people (people, dogs, critters etc!) and we were at our wits end too. We know how it feels to feel hopeless and thinking that our dogs will never change for the better but we found the perfect approach to turn things around. What needed to change was us, our approach & most importantly - our household rules. We needed to become leaders, we needed to be believable, we needed to apply structure, rules and we needed to help guide our dogs in our human world in order to get our lives back. We needed to love through leadership. We can help you and your dogs get there too.