If you change, so will your dog.

If you don’t change your demeanor and your habits on how you used to do things, neither will your dog’s.  If you are training your dog, yet you still share a ton of soft energy and unearned affection, you become ‘non believable’ to your dog and they know that they can still push boundaries and they still have to lead.  Let’s start thinking about our dogs more with our heads, rather than with our hearts. Dogs want us to lead them, not baby them. They want us to advocate for them, not put pressure on them by forcing a meet with new people or new dogs, these are really stressful situations for our dogs, just like how we come across stressful situations in our daily life, imagine if someone forced you to meet another person you absolutely felt uncomfortable with...right? You wouldn’t be too pleased or comfortable with that. We create this fairy tale for our dogs that they want to play, meet new dogs, want to be petted, that they are happy and excited when in reality they are struggling mentally. All of this is just us, humanizing our dogs. Let’s stop ‘speaking’ for our dogs and let’s start watching/reading our dogs and be the strong leader they want us be. The reason why we always get great results with our training is because we stay neutral in all situation, we allow good things, and we share valuable consequences for unwanted behavior, we protect our dogs from unknown dogs and people. Yes, we absolutely love our dogs, and they sure as heck know that we love them (even though we don’t shower them with physical touch/pets/verbal affection) 

Lise LoComment