Resource Guarding Problems?

Good morning Folks!
We have been contacted about a lot of resource guarding behavior lately so we want to talk about this subject for a bit. First, if you have multiple dogs in the household and one of the dogs is showing aggression around resources (food, toys, bone, beds) around other dogs, use a muzzle, supervise and/or simply feed each dog separately in their crates. We recommend either a Baskerville muzzle or jafco muzzle (since the dog can eat and drink out of the muzzle).

Even though aggression can be stopped in most situation, there is no guarantee that a dog will never show aggression/bite again unless YOU, prove yourself as a pack leader and authority figure and start advocating for the dog. 

For example, when a dog is chewing on a bone and another dog approaches, the dog that needs to be advocated for, is the one who has the bone, so the dog who approaches needs to be moved away from the resource. If we don't step in, then the dog with the bone will have to correct the other dog on her own which may end up in a fight. (Instinctual behavior)
Dogs  just feel safer when someone advocates for them. Most of the time when we get aggressive dogs in, the behavior just diminishes as soon as we put structure, advocate and lead.  
If the guarding is minimal, typically it diminishes once we apply structure, guidance, boundaries and rules.

Lise LoComment