the prong collar

Prong collars

Let's talk about the main tool we use for our dog training. Why it works, why we use it and why we recommend it to everyone and anyone and why it is the best tool out there to communicate with your dog :) 

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prong collar

The prong collar is the most powerful tool to train your dog. They have been designed to clearly communicate with your dog despite their look. They do NOT harm your dog (the edges are nicely rounded on the collar). 
The prong collar is the most gentle tool out there and applies even pressure on your dog's neck. You will never hear a dog choke when they wear a prong collar. Remember that the collar does not train your dog, the training itself does. The prong collar is just a tool to help you communicate with your dog effortlessly. We like to use the 2.25mm (14 inches long and links can be added) Herm Sprenger brand on most dogs we get, we sometimes will use the 3.0mm if it is a fairly large dog (dogs over 60lbs) but we do not recommend using the Large or XL prong, they are too heavy on your dog's neck and become less effective. 
The prong collar should sit pretty snug right behind your dog's ear and right underneath the jaw. The leash attaches to the "d" ring (the smaller swivel ring). Do not attach it to the 'dead ring' or the 'O' ring. We recommend that the prong collar is removed when not in use or when your dog is unsupervised/in crate.

Why not use a tool that empowers us and help us clearly communicates with our dogs?


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