More than what you think...

As the title says.."there's always more than what you think". When you have a dog who (for example) have separation's never just "separation anxiety". There are many many factors to this issue. Is your dog anxious because they lack structure? leadership? rules? boundaries? They Don't have a 'job'? Are they free roaming? Do they Need more obedience? etc. etc...Separation anxiety is a problem created by...well, the humans. Why? Because we forget about what our dogs needs. We think too much about ourselves, we become selfish because it feels good to pet our dogs, it feels good to let our dogs be 'free' and roam around, it makes us feel good to humanize and talk to our dogs, and most importantly, we think emotionally (too much with our hearts rather than with our heads). Most people think dogs are happy because we have rescued them, we love them, we feed them and that this is how their dog(s) should live, when in reality, by lacking on discipline, guidance and structure, we are mentally abusing our dogs. Dogs are also selfish creatures. Keep in mind, dogs are really smart and they only do what works for them. A behavior is created if you do not 'correct' it. 
We also want to talk about Leash Reactivity (this is a HUGE subject as well). It's not just "leash reactivity". If your dog reacts while restrained on leash, it could be due to: tension on leash, the human being tense/nervous (your energy projects on your dog), your dog being insecure, fearful, anxious, your dog is lacking leadership, structure, boundaries, impulse control and more. Dog training is all about problem solving..but you have to solve things starting at the roots...Sometimes just practicing the basic foundation work with your dogs can eliminate all of that non-sense. Be a leader and prove to your dog that you can protect him regardless of what goes 'round the world by providing clear structure, guidance, leadership, holding your dog accountable for unwanted behavior and of course rewarding for wanted behavior. 

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