Jeff is our favorite guy in the world!

Jeff Gellman Lise Lo Funtastic K9 Solid K9

Not only did Mailee Yang and I got to spend an amazing weekend at Jeff's seminar, but we feel blessed that he specifically asked us to go on a dinner date with him and Rachel Spohn afterwards haha. Jeff has been our role model since we found out about him. He is our mentor and our favorite guy in the world(besides our dads :D). 
An unforgettable moment being able to share similar stories and mindsets. Mailee and I attended Jeff's seminar to meet the man and reassure ourselves on where we stand in our business, dog/people training skills & personal growth journey. It all checked out. Mailee and I want to Thank you Jeff, from the bottom of our hearts for your free contents, being real and for taking care of the dinner bill :) :)

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