Why the remote collar is the most effective, gentle, consistent and reliable tool

Remote collars are not the old school remote also known as “shock collar”. The modern tools are great because they are used to work dogs at a very low level stimulation and it gives consistent pressure which makes it a LOT easier for dogs to comprehend but of course, just like every tool on the market, in order for the dog to understand what the stimulation means and how to turn off the pressure, we have to do the training part of it. No, we can’t just slap the collar on, start pushing buttons and expect our dogs to understand what to do. (For example, with a food morsel, we can hold food in our hands and ask our dog to roll over, lay down, sit with no success because without training and repetition, we just cant get results. 

We HAVE to teach and guide our dogs into the desire position in order for them to get ‘paid’. It takes team work to do the dream work. 

With remote collars we can teach our dogs reliability off leash from 2 ft to a mile away, the stimulation on the remote collar is similar to a tap on our shoulder. Sometimes when we hang out in a crowded place and someone shouts from across the room, we don’t always hear them, so we ignore them until they come over and tap on our shoulder. Make sense? :)

Bottom line is, we love remote collars and they are the most amazing result based tools to communicate with our dogs along with the Herm Sprenger Prong collar. 

Lise LoComment