Just a story about my vet...

Few months ago, I took Grimm to get his Xrays at the vet and just like most vets, he had the balls to tell me that he was worried that the prong collar will stab and leave puncture wounds on Grimm's neck so he removed it without my consent. I kindly told him that I had used the prong collar on hundreds of dogs for training without an issue and that the prong collar is supposed to sit snug behind the dog's ears. Also, while I was in the room with them when they checked up Grimm, the vet told me to come stand next to Grimm and comfort him by 'talking' to him...This, my friends, is typical behavior from a vet and I do Not approve.
I remember last year when we brought in an aggressive dog for a check up, the vet tech clearly saw the muzzle, I clearly told her the dog was human aggressive prior to coming in, YET, she still came over, kneed down to eye level with the dog and started baby-talking to the dog...and what do you know? The dog lunged at her. Good thing is, we are always prepared and already knew what to expect. 
This post is to keep reminding everyone that when strangers (Whether you are at the vet or in public) put pressure on your dog, be ready to advocate for YOUR dog. People's selfishness can get you and your dog in trouble. Also, do not believe everything your vet tells you ESPECIALLY when it comes to DOG TRAINING because clearly, they are not dog trainers, they are veterinarian. They should not be giving you dog training advice. Just like how we don't give veterinary advice because that is just not what we specialize in. That's all for my Friday rant! 

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