Don't get fooled by the cute looking dogs


Even with the cutest looking dogs we see here at FK9, cuddling, loving, petting is the last thing on our minds. Our job here is to appreciate dogs from afar, bonding through training, making the dog earn all of the great things from us.

Cuddling is the last thing on our minds. Why? Because if cuddles come before we’ve established clear leadership and rules, we become “soft” and no longer believable to the dog. What does it mean? It means that if we want to start training and changing habits, we’ll have to work twice as hard for the dog to believe we can finally take that leadership role and keep them safe.

We say it over and over- if you are always petting your dog, physically loving him, allowing him to do whatever he wants, your dog will become anxious, insecure, lose trust in you and a list of unwanted behaviors may surface.

Remember- loving our dogs through training, clear communication, leadership and accountability creates a stronger, solid, more trusting relationship and is far more valuable than always loving/physical touch/petting on your dog.

Lise LoComment