How much "pressure" can your dog handle?

How much spacial "pressure" can your dog handle?

you always hear us talk about 'pressure' in our training world. What is pressure when it comes to the photo we have posted below?

Spacial Pressure is when someone or another dog, or something in the environment approaches into your dog's space. (for example: a person's hand trying to pet your dog, another dog jumping on them etc..pretty much trying to make contact)

Indie- our main FK9 has high tolerance for pressure. Most dogs have a low threshold, especially for puppies like Clutch moving in into their space. We allow Clutch to be "annoying" with Indie because we know her fully. We know that Indie won't attack Clutch but she definitely will correct her if needed. Also, if Clutch is being too much for Indie and Indie moves away or runs to me for help, I advocate for Indie and create space between her and Clutch. This is crucial as I don't want Indie to lose trust in my leadership.
It's always a good idea to watch your dogs when they interact and supervise so that if one dog needs your help, you can advocate for him/her instead of letting them 'figure it out'.

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