Dogs, aggression...

In our world- Dogs don’t get aggressive because they want to. They get aggressive when they aren’t getting what they need to be mentally stable. Their mind is “clouded” and unclear. Balanced dogs are clear minded and they know how to make good choices rather than poor choices. 
Imagine having no one to turn to, no one guiding you, no one speaking your language, no one understanding you, no one holding you accountable, no one telling you what to do, no job, no structure, having no one telling you your behavior needs to change, etc. what would you do? Wouldn’t life sucks and be difficult, confusing and scary?

Did you know that when your dog excessively barks and reacts to people, other dogs, at the door bell, the mailman, the neighbor, or when your dog feels he needs to guard its food, bite, run away it is because they feel uncomfortable, insecure, scared, uneasy? It’s their way of telling us they need help.
Dogs crave for someone to lead them, they crave for a “job”, they crave for someone to “tell” them they’ve got the pack under control and keep things organized. In the dog world, there is only one leader, one leader who puts everyone else in check. Cuddling comes last, lead first.

Lise LoComment