Co-existence comes first...

Co-existence comes first - interactions come last.

It's like having a new (stranger) room mate. We 100% don't know anything about them but their application looked great so we picked them to live with us. We live together, are respectful of each other and go about our day but don't quite have that trust just yet. The longer we live together, the more we share a day with them with positive interactions and outcomes, the more comfortable we get with each other and learn about one another then maybe, down the road, we become good, even great friends. Same with our dogs. It takes time and we can't force a friendship.

Did you know that just teaching your dog co-existence with other dogs is considered socialization? Did you know that all dogs do not want to interact with other dogs/people? Some dogs are less or more social than others just as we are. Not all people want to interact. So let's respect our dogs and let's 'listen' to what they are telling us!

Mocha has been with us for 6 days now. She's been co-existing with our dogs since she came in but there has been zero play and zero close interactions just yet. Before we allow close interactions, we need to make sure that she fully trusts us and that we have 100% voice control over her first, before we allow her to roam and be part of the pack.

This morning, for the first time, we took Indie and Mocha out together to go potty and it's clear that Mocha is still a bit unsure about close interactions with Indie. How do we know? She ignores her and acts aloof, which tells us she's not ready just yet and it's our job to advocate for her and respect her wishes of wanting to stay away from the other dogs. Her body language is what we read in order to determine that.

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