Dogs help us bring out our best self

’ll be honest...when Piper first came in for her b&t, she was one of those dogs i just thought “oh man..she’s going to be a tough one to break through to”, and she truly was but our mindsets of succeeding was much stronger. Piper is such a strong minded dog who just needed a lot of guidance, leadership, rules and overall just needed to learn the meaning of the word “no” and how to just relax her mind.
Teaching her to go in the crate when asked and lie down was our biggest struggle. She fought and she fought hard. Mailee and I spent countless hours of repetition, day and night trying to figure out what would work best. Once we finally broke through to that non-sense, suddenly everything else became a breeze and we started seeing the real dog under the layers of excitement, brattiness & nervousness. 
Piper was reactive on leash when she saw other dogs, she was scared of the sound of the crate latch. Every-time i slid the crate’s door latch, she would pop up, break her down and put up a fight. We worked through this a ton as well with a food protocol and now she could careless about the sound of it. We were told she would also bark when she heard motored sound and sounds of tools. 
On her 2nd week of training, we tested her out with doorbell, sound of drills, etc. she didn’t bark. My explanation to this is, once we get a dog in a calm state of mind and when a dog is finally self aware, they can careless about all the other things going on around them, thats the beauty of training dogs and seeing their true healthy self. 
Finally I just want to say that Piper is an amazing dog. Dogs like her are the ones who stick with me the most. We had issues, but we worked through them. It was hard but now we’re in a really good place so all of the struggles and bumpy road we went through don’t even equal the amount of love we have for this dog. 
We have an excellent relationship and this is why we friggin love training dogs, they bring out the best of us in every way.


Lise LoComment